Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busiest Week part1

Monday, 1 Mac 2010

Construction business group presentation. we are the 1st group. Overall is good since Dr.Preece itself did not give any comment except he ask what the meaning of our company logo :)

Tuesday, 2 Mac 2010

Finish the individual assignmt for the construction business subject. The whole day in the room to settle the final editing. Just submit in the evening hehe..

At night, final discussion of our next group presentation for the next day

Wednesday, 3 Mac 2010

Our presentation is on 11.30am but its delay till 12pm.. omg, the presentation is the last ever of my study life as a student..yeahh for 6years of studying ( matric+degree). But its not turn into a very good ending i think..huhh :(

At 3pm, me, anis n basyirah go to Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park for the interview session with En. Zahrul, the Project Manager at Gabungan Strategik company. We thought that we are already went out early but actually not..we got 'tersesat' and not find that way till we reach the Kinrara, Puchong. i think we already follow the googlemaps, but it seems the direction is wrong!!arghhh..
Finally, we reach the office 45minutes late..ohh we are so sorry en.zahrul, but i think u are very very good person, still waiting at me, wiling to give his thought and information to us even though we are coming late. i can see from his face, the "keikhlasan"..[sorry i dun know dat word in english] sbb dia tkde nk merungut atau menunjukkan riak muka yg tk suka pd kami..(",).
There nothing we can give but only Allah can give back 'something' to you, insyaAllah.

Today, 4 Mac 2010

Another interview with contractor at Setiawangsa Business Suite. Kali nie awal pg dh kna pg coz the project manager prefer to see us early in the morning [maksudnye time ofis bukak pkl 9am tu]. Alhamdulillah sampai di ofis tu on time. ohh ye, this time sy prgi bersama Izyan, thanks to her to 'ajak' sy jmpa skali that PM cos mmg sy kna interview contractor pon utk research nie. Thanks jugak pd halimah yg sudi membawakami ke ofis tersebut menaiki kereta beliau :).

Lama jgk interview nie, start at 9am and we finish nearly 11am. After that, we kuar makan at Aeon Jusco Setiawangsa. Hmm first time sy pergi situ sebenarnye..even Wangsa Walk pon tk pernah pg lagi.. Best la JJ situ, cos dia still baru, do the building it think very comfortable, accessible and compatible and suit well with the user flow. Sgt luas kot! beshh!

Balik td, singgah centre jap, kuarkan duit n then gi Bank Mualamalat untuk bayar yuran. Wow, i think i come at the right time. Lps isi form, tekan je no.giliran terus je dpt gi kaunter! hehe.. Kalau ikut pengalaman sebelum nie, from 1st year smpaila ke 3rd year, mesti ramai org nk tunggu, bersesak2 dlm bank tu n mcm2 lg. but harini, boleh terus je bayar kat kaunter..hmm maybe org lain sumer dh byar, tinggal sy sorng je tercicir tk bayar lg kot ..whatever! i dun care as long as i olredi paid yuhuu!

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